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The basic construction material of this palette is paper honeycomb board. Paper honeycomb makes the palette very light and at the same time it is very solid and has a very high loading capacity. Palettes are produced of paper and they represent an economical and ecological alternative to the single use wooden and plastic palettes. They are fully recyclable. They minimize infection, fungi and vermin transmission risk from the transportation palettes. For its extremely low weight they are used wherever the low transporting packaging weight is important, e.g. in the air transport. They are suitable for packing and transport of food, paper sheets, electrical appliances etc. Thanks to its low weight and price it is used in most industrial branches. We also manufacture custom shape and size paper honeycomb board. We glue, cut, adjust the honeycomb board in order to fullfil customer expectations in 100%. To learn more check our GALLERY.


  • very low palette weight (palette from 2,5 kg)
  • very good price
  • safe and easy manipulation
  • no chips and nails
  • standard and custom size
  • smooth corners
  • no vermin
  • load capacity to 2 tons
  • fully recyclable
  • easy and cheap disposal
  • lower transport cost